Cool Technology for Hot Water.

Introducing Aquanta, the first networked water heater controller that easily installs on your existing water heater and that lets you monitor and control hot water energy use from your smart device or home networking platform.

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Expected commercial launch in 1H 2016.

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Make these problems, no problem.

Have you ever:

  • Been annoyed by your teenagers taking 30 minute showers?
  • Forgotten to turn off your water heater when leaving for vacation?
  • Been stuck with a cold shower while the relatives are in town?
  • Had your floor ruined when your water heater leaked?
  • Been unhappily surprised by your energy bill?
  • Wondered why the water heater hasn't been included in the smart home?

Enter Aquanta

Compatible. By design.

Aquanta can be installed by a "handy DIYer," meaning that if you are comfortable replacing a faucet, putting in Aquanta will be a snap. Aquanta is designed for use in tank storage-style water heaters – like those found everywhere in the US and in many parts of the world. It works in tanks holding 120 gallons and less, although will not work with tankless or "on-demand" water heaters. Your tank needs to have a 3/4" port (which is near-universal in US tanks) into which Aquanta's sensor gets installed.